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Meet Kirsten

Kirsten Wright moved to Waterloo to go to school for engineering. She and her husband fell in love with Waterloo and have stayed here since. She has two small children and has been involved in political campaigns since she was a small child. She has a passion for building a strong sustainable future.

Her background is in robotics and embedded systems. She worked in robotics and electrical engineering creating ethanol from waste cellulose, reducing pain from pressure on neurofibromas, and on building underwater robots, adjustable high-heeled shoes, operating systems for Blackberries, and energy models.

She has a talent for identifying opportunities and finding lasting solutions. As a student, she built Canada’s first student think tank, The Forum for Independent Thought (FIT), to engage students in finding solutions to complex challenges. FIT which curated policy conversations, and engaged over 500 of the senior engineering students, at Waterloo, in maximizing the social impact of their fourth year design projects. Just after graduating, she the initiated the project to build Canada’s first new school of architecture in 40 years in Sudbury, to expand the design capacity of northern Ontario and revitalize it’s downtown. She also produced the founding documents to begin The Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation (WICI) which is now celebrating its tenth year and has made Waterloo an international leader in the study of applied complex systems.


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“A small voting block of Greens elected in the next election can change the game. We can make that happen. Join us!”

Kirsten is running, in the 2019 Federal election, because she believes that ‘made in Waterloo solutions’ can save the world. She believes climate change is now urgent enough that we should all be out speaking in churches and schools. She believes that we need to build understanding, and come together; but she also believes that this is an opportunity to improve every aspect of our lives and build a foundation for lasting prosperity and choice. As a global leader in innovation, with a tradition of barn raising and solving hard problems, Waterloo can lead this transformation.

Our Vision


Decisive Climate Action

The Green Party is Canada’s forward thinking party. We’re looking beyond the next election to the world we will leave for our children. We want to ensure that it’s a healthy, vibrant one where each child has the opportunity to succeed.

We will hold a minority government accountable to meaningful climate policies. These policies must draw from evidence-based principles ensuring our progress on this global challenge. We will cultivate healthy societal change using the best, most tested, and proven strategies to bring about progress.


A Diverse 21st Century Economy

Together, we’ll create good, stable jobs and reshape the economy. We’ll support small businesses, invest in green energy and build smart city infrastructure.

The green economy is the fastest growing sector in the world. We all know that the oil industry is in terminal decline. (So what will replace the trillions of dollars in revenue and jobs in these industries?)

Our listening campaign has revealed, overwhelmingly, that people feel renewable energy is the energy of the future.


True Democracy

In the past decade voter turnout has dropped. Nearly one in three people didn't vote in our last federal election. So why do people not vote?

Our listening campaign has revealed that many people don't feel represented, or don’t feel their vote matters. The process of voting for “the lesser of two evils” is, understandably, unappealing to many of us.

We commit to hold a minority government accountable to adopt a proportional representation voting structure we can be proud of, and excited to participate in.


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